In Through The Narrow Gate – RFA School Play

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Join us on the last Friday of this month of November, and witness a remarkable, inspirational production by our students.

In Through The Narrow Gate is an inspirational play that showcases the life story of Joseph, presented by the children in a dramatic and passionate manner.

The play will be presented for the very first time at Rocha Firme Academy on 29 November 2019 at 5pm.

All are welcome, parents and children alike, to enjoy this wonderful piece of work.

For tickets and enquiries, please contact us on +258 82 252 4305.

Listen to the Audio Trailer


Pep talk from a Basketball superstar! – Inelcio Chire visits Rocha Firme Academy

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As our own future champions waited in anticipation for the day when the Mozambican born basketball giant would set foot on our premises, questions were consistently fired at the teachers about what he is going to show them, what exactly he would do and how they should respond. Well, that fateful day came and it was on the 12thof June.

One could tell in the way that the day began that it was going to be a special day for the children. There was no paparazzi frenzy, but there was something in the air when the international star arrived on the scene. Mr. Inelcio Chire, who is currently playing the game in the Republic of Angola, is gladly lending his spectacular skills to Inter Clube de Luanda, just as he was glad to lend some advice to the children that day. Being 2.01 metres tall was not easy for the children to look up at his face from up close and so he bowed to give them some handshakes, high fives and some straight-up fist bumps.

Three words summed up the pep talk – Practise, Persist & Focus!

Together with the star they went along and shot some hoops through his arms shaped like the rim of a basket. There was a lot of jumping, running, dribbling with the children and only one slam dunk by you know who!

The international star was then cheerfully and honourably gifted with a Rocha Firme Academy, customized and top-grade, hat.

Lastly, it would not have been extra special without an autograph session, photographs and selfies!