Our Curriculum

Love 2 Learn Curriculum

The Love2Learn curriculum comprehensively covers children from Grade 00 to Grade 12. The curriculum culminates in the prestigious and highly recognised IGCSE, AS-Level (Gr10 – 12) school leaving qualification recognised by a lot of universities in Africa and around the world.


The curriculum has Jesus as the centre. This means that we actively and purposely build Christian character and study the Word of God. Love2Learn is a broad, rich and varied curriculum that uses beautiful, full-colour, living books that makes the student want to turn the pages. Education comes alive!


Charlotte Mason

This curriculum is created for the specific needs of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learners. Furthermore, it implements and remains true to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education as it successfully creates a life-long passion for learning as attentive and critical thinkers are developed. We believe that the child is a person and we must educate that whole person, not just his mind.

A love for Reading

The Love2Learn curriculum is a literature-rich program which offers access to biographies and award-winning literature that dovetails history and encourages a love for reading.